Social Bookmarking Service

Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in promoting a website.

It involves linking sites within the various social networking websites, blog sites and content centric sites like Digg.

But going through all of those social bookmarking sites is very time-consuming and downloading all toolbars is madness! That's where our Social Bookmarking Service is designed to reduce the time and effort needed to socially bookmark a website.

  • Permanent one-way backlinks from social bookmarking websites.
  • All social bookmarking sites from our submission list are search engine friendly.
  • Your website gets indexed by Google very fast.
  • All the RSS-channels with the links added from our profiles on the social bookmarking websites are connected to FeedBurner. That means that Google gets information about your link as soon as it is submitted
  • The links will be submitted exclusively to the public social bookmarking websites (no private or personal bookmarking sites).
  • Manual Social Bookmarking is done exclusively.
  • No reciprocal link required.
  • It helps you get a lot of backlinks.
  • Thorough Submission Reports.
  • Lowest Social Bookmarking Submission Prices

Plan SB1 - 30 Social Bookmarks
Manual Social Bookmarking into 30 Websites
US $20 | Duration 3 Days
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Plan SB2 - 60 Social Bookmarks
Manual Social Bookmarking into 60 Websites
US $30 | Duration 5 Days
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Plan SB3 - 120 Social Bookmarks
Manual Social Bookmarking into 120 Websites
US $50 | Duration 7 Days
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